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Why you need Digital Marketing for Small businesses to grow?

Digital marketing is known to utilize various broadband services and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media manifesto to broadcast services provided by any company and products which aid the small businesses in reaching their goals. Nowadays, digital marketing strategies have become an imperative source for selling and buying programs for business.

It is in some way related to the traditional marketing which includes pamphlets, handbills, footnotes, handouts, bills, leaflets, billboards, printed commercials, newspaper ads, etc. which a company adopts when it comes to goals and missions to be accomplished. Now, digital marketing, apart from broadband services, also includes T. V. ads, FM radio, short message service(SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS), etc. and are referred to as non-internet digital marketing.

The choice between traditional and digital marketing is not very easy. In this Digital world, the majority of people still prefer reading billboards, pamphlets, handouts, newspaper ads. Etc over online or non- online digital technologies, which is due to various reasons. Digital marketing has its own advantage since its an inevitable fact that the whole world is on the phone.

Mentioning below a few reasons how digital marketing benefit a small business grow:

Small business does not have sufficient funds to spend over the resources needed for traditional marketing. Hence, digital marketing helps small businesses to accomplish their promotion goals at a lower cost. Digitally the small firms can plan their own budget and marketing strategies accurately and fairly. Many small businesses have claimed to get considerable savings by using this mode of marketing.

Digitally the expansion can be made to new areas, which traditionally can be very nail-biting or challenging. Just have to search areas within the perimeter and, or select the city and the small firms, can promote their services in those specific places. Digital marketing can help small businesses to analyze and measure that which navigational passage has given them what amount of sales. These marketing patterns can be fairly monitored by firms digitally.

Profitable margins can be well managed digitally by small firms. Their chances of higher-earning rather increase when monitored digitally than traditionally.

One of the most important aids provided by digital marketing to small businesses is the customers or audience. Without customers, there can not be any sales. They help in providing sharable and relevant content to attract customers. Building an audience and gaining their trust regarding the services being provided by the small firms is very challenging, but can be simplified digitally. It is a risky and time-consuming procedure but also an integral part of marketing. Digital marketing helps the firms to build new techniques and plans for the public to buy. Targeting the right people for the right products is very important, and digitally it can be done in a well-organized manner.

These were the few listings which small business should adopt digitally to help grow their marketing value and can help the small firms to achieve this goal without any hurdle.

Despite these benefits, there are many advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing.

Advantages Of digital marketing

  • Aware of the customer’s choice of goods
  • highly economical
  • available all day and all night
  • communicating easily with the people by reaching them through Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, Twitter, and other digital platforms
  • feedback facility for the customers
  • Time-saving procedure

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

  • Nonfunctional internet service in the remote places
  • hacking of marketing strategies
  • constant vigilance
  • increasing competition day by day
  • huge investments required
  • presence of scammers leading to loss of trust.

Every marketing strategy comes along with some advantages and disadvantages. Although many renowned businesses, which was once a small business, has shown incredible growth with the help of digital marketing.

There are case studies showing how small businesses grow digitally. Listing a few:

make-my-trip logo

The world is well informed of this agency. An online travel firm which was founded by Deep Kalra in 2000, providing us with facilities like booking flights, trains, hotels, cabs, buses, events, etc. Over the years, this agency has improved a lot by rolling in constant new offers, vouchers, gift cards, and so on. They have been attracting the public a lot digitally since it is time-saving. They focus on their customers, both superficially and centrally. Make my Trip puts forth a remarkable combination of business and innovation, keeping up with their own words and actions. They are optimistic and carry a can-do attitude, which keeps them motivated.

The profit margins have increased over the years, the reason behind it being the commission charges. Their maximum business is from the air. Make My trip sells the cheapest airline tickets, since they procure the tickets from the private agencies in a mass, thus leading them to lower the costs considerably. This is one of the successful digital marketing case studies.


Amazon is the most renowned cyber business in the country. The main company was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and was launched in India in 2012. Their astounding blend of innovative ideas and incredible offers for the public is sincerely appreciated. The services provided are simplified and advanced.

  • They adopt significant marketing strategies to attract targeted audience
  • They have introduced the public with pronounced amenities like purchasing items, paying bills, transferring money selling commodities, and others.
  • They have introduced prime membership for the customers and providing them selective benefits accordingly.
  • They have shown extraordinary growth with the help of digital marketing.

Likewise, there are many such cases showing how a small business grow digitally.

Digital marketing has become a point of discussion in this world of modern technology. With the assistance of modern technology and digital marketing, small businesses are setting up new targets and accomplishing them. The modern generation is grasping the plus points. They would rather buy commodities online than going to the shopping malls, or they would rather book tickets online than going to cyber cafes or agents. So, digitally the marketing has become flexible and simplified for people to avail of the prerequisite.