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5 Digital Marketing Strategy For Non-Profit Organization

Every business in today’s world whether it’s the for-profit motive or nonprofit motive they require digital marketing to expand and grow their business. NGOs should use digital marketing to spread awareness about needy communities and encourage them to contribute to the social cause. Digital marketing gives businesses a chance to increase and attract target clients. This helps the NGOs as people from every corner of the world can volunteer and help the needy around.

NGOs can be considered as 3rd sector of the society as these are the institutions that are neither government based nor related to business sector their major purpose to word towards addressing the social problems which largely remain unfocused by the state and market hence NGOs become the voice of citizens.NGOs should effectively and efficiently utilize digital marketing principles because there is an intense requirement of funding to carry on the major cause of NGOs and to build capacities of the future.

To achieve fruitful results NGOs should follow the 4P’s of marking mix i.e


The Product here refers to a major objective or causal ideas which they want to perform. Mostly all NGOs working on the same cause as Women empowerment, Education promotion, Health for all, etc. Comparative evaluation can be done by studying the model adopted by other NGOs and a better strategic plan can be made in terms of providing more benefit to the beneficiary.


It is the amount to be asked by volunteers for a social cause. NGOs should demonstrate in such a way that donors could donate the maximum amount for the beneficiary.


Promotion basically refers to advertising and digital marketing is the best option one can go with as it provides numerous websites, social media platforms. Nowadays NGOs are using innovative techniques such as ‘walkathon’ by the NGOs like seva sahayog, smile foundation, etc to increase awareness nationwide as well as it will even help in assembling funds and volunteers.


It refers to providing the product to the intended customer. NGOs also try to provide volunteers a facility so that the donor can visit, monitor where he has invested his income.

Non-government organizations are neither related to business nor to government, their main aim is fulfilling the needs of the beneficiary. The government has the power to keep an eye on such institutions so that they can certify that the funds are been used by beneficiary or for the genuine purpose.

Let’s now focus on the strategies which NGOs can adopt for expansion and growth utilizing digital marketing

Setting up the objective

NGOs must have a clear goal before starting so that they should have a focused approach toward their target. Digital marketing provides transparency between organisation and volunteers. One to one contact can be established. Government as well as donor can keep an eye on the activities performed by NGOs.

Selection of website

NGOs should design a website so well that the donor doesn’t find and difficulty. It should user-friendly as well mobile-friendly which means the donor could easily operate the website and even the website should be designed in such a way that it can be easily operated on every mobile phone whether it’s Android or iPhone. Thus these factors are very important before establishing a website

Being social

Social media is an amazing tool that will help the NGOs to interact with its volunteers and to attract more followers for the cause. It is the most affordable way through which NGOs can have direct contact with numerous of donors. They can ask feedback as well as their options about the non-governmental organization so the NGOs can improve their services. Social media offers various platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Content delivery

After having a proper website and social media account they should now focus on gaining followers. So for gaining followers NGOs should focus on posting interesting, attracting content to attract the donor. Trendy hashtags and slogans can be used according to the target of the organization so that the target audience can be connected and spread awareness nationwide

Increase connections

NGOs should focus on different platforms available like Facebook, Twitter, etc for connecting to the targeted population as each of these platforms has very different sections, age groups of society involved so the content or post should be very much audience-specific.

One to one connectivity

Now it’s for direct interaction by collecting email addresses and information of interest ones so that regular updates could be given and suggestions can be taken

After performing all the above strategies NGOs should regularly analyze the performance of the website or social media which they are using. They should now match the actual performance with planned performance to cover the gap by using suggestions, options given by the audiences.

Lastly, Digital marketing is an excellent tool to be employed worldwide. This provides connectivity across the world and to different sections of society. People can participate actively and donate funding or the necessary help. As we all are fighting against amid Covid-19 so various NGOs came forward for helping the needful. By using these digital marketing techniques and strategies substantial amount of help can be generated by these NGOs at various levels and this can also be a platform that can gather a huge response amid this crisis where each n every penny is worth. Contact Be Digital Mind for affordable and professional digital marketing services.