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What is rebranding and how it can be useful for small businesses?

When we talk about rebranding, we are referring to a change of brand logo or name, for example, a new name, a new logo, a new idea or a combination of all.
Most of the time, rebranding generates a change in the marketing strategy and usually improves the corporate value of the brand.
This rebranding change must be relevant and sincere to customers.


The reason behind rebranding is due to the following factors:

  • Differentiation from competitors. 

  Many companies seek to differentiate themselves from their competition to reach more users and at last, to sell more.

  • Delete the negative image.

  When a company does something wrong or makes a mistake, a bad image remains in the consumer’s mind. To change the user’s opinion and neutralize the negative perception, a rebranding process can help us.

  • Loss of market share.

Faced with a loss of market share, companies often rethink their branding strategy to significantly reach their audience and improve the differentiation of their competitors.

  • Emerging situations.

As it can be a crisis or unexpected causes that make the company rethink a change in the organization. Usually, this is accompanied by a rebranding process.

  • Stay relevant.

For example, a company that already has a good position but wants to update its brand image or reach a new segment. To achieve this, we can use a rebranding.

As we can see, rebranding is one of the most important decisions that a company can make, and we must know that it does not always have to go well. It’s about adapting your brand to the new times or what may work best. We should know that the level of impact directly depends on the degree to which the brand is changed.

To carry out rebranding, we must also bear in mind that a reasonable and tangible objective must accompany this. If we do not do so, this may be one of the main mistakes that may arise.



Below we show you what benefits you can obtain by performing a rebranding process:

  • Revitalize the brand image.

 It is an intelligent decision to improve the reputation of the brand and can help you to offer a more innovative image of a brand. 

  • Send the correct message.

The rebranding will send a clear message that your business wants to deliver to customers. Rebranding can have a positive effect on consumer opinions towards the brand.

  • Value-added.

 Rebranding is a method that generates added value for the brand. This helps the customer to recognize us and makes the product or service more attractive than the competition.

  • Business evolution.

 Updating the brand image reflects what the company is at that very moment, and this generates more confidence in the minds of your customers.

  • Easy acquisition.

 These benefits are more evident when we talk about organizations, organizations or acquisitions. Mixing cultures, processes, services and clients can lead to confusion, but rebranding makes this process easier.


As an advertising and digital marketing agency, we carry out branding and rebranding strategies daily. If what you are looking for is a change for your business that improves the image and manages to significantly change the opinion that the public has about your brand, then BE DIGITAL MIND will be happy to help you to grow your business.