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7 Should Have Features That Every Online News Portal Website

Still, using the old traditional newspaper in this digital era? Try an online news portal. The online news portal focuses on establishing a complete portal for providing news. The portal provides up to date news over the internet. They are user friendly, and the news is arranged in different sections. The reader could drop their reviews too. And journalists will get detailed statistics about readers, ad count, etc.

Objectives of an online news portal

The main objective of a good online news portal is mentioned as such :

  • Publish news about town/city, state, national, international and sports
  • The registered user could upload the news from any device- mobile, laptops, tablets, etc. at any time.
  • Provides all type of news to the user and they could read anytime.

Benefits of an online news portal

Online news portals are gaining popularity and almost being used by 70% of the world population. They are fast, reliable, and, most importantly, updated every time. Here is a list of benefits of using or keeping up with the online news portals.

  • We can read news from any timeline from years back to just a minute back. We don’t need to remember where we kept the old newspaper. All we have to do is browse the date, and all the news appears. The online news portal comes handy in this case.
  • Online news portals are always up to date. The public doesn’t have to wait for an entire day to read what happened the previous day around the world. The online news portal provides fresh news every minute.
  • Local newspapers don’t provide all the news in detail. They can’t print each and every news. But when it comes to the online news portal, they provide the news from all over the world.
  • Newspapers only have few pictures, but the online news portal uploads a lot of graphics, photos, and even videos, which make them more interesting.

Purposes of an online news portal

  • Offers all kind of information to the public about political, social, sports, health, entertainment, etc.
  • Instant & fresh news from all over the world
  • Fast and easily accessible
  • Live coverage of National Events, Cricket matches, and other sports, etc
  • The reader can leave their comments and review.
  • Pictures and videos of a special news event
  • Can even be accessed through mobile phones
  • Advertising is cost-effective.

Features That Every online news portal Should Have

A good online news portal must be impressive, captivating, creative, user-friendly, and content-rich design. Here are a few features which make the portal attract more readers and reach out to the larger audience.

Customized news portal design

The online news portal should provide the user with the benefit of customizing their home page and power to choose their topic of interest, contents, and section. This personalized reader experience attracts more audience.

Breaking News

Instant breaking news updates with stories of popular interest are powerful enough to keep the portal engage readers all day. The portal, which brings the breaking and shaking news to the readers in the first place, readers are more likely to visit that news portal.

Easy navigation

News portal designs that are easy to navigate are more likely to attract readers. The navigation menu should be simple and in a handy position. Primary navigation menu just below the header and above the content or left sidebar are the positions are easily seen by the visitors.


Reader comments and reviews are key elements for good news portal designs. Unlike newspapers, today, online newspapers act more like social networks. Many of the readers want to express themselves over a particular issue, or they’re like or dislike. Why not provide them a platform for this?

Alliance with social media

Exclusive and breaking news spread faster on social media like Facebook and Twitter than news portals. By joining hands with social media, online news websites can reach out to a large audience in a flash

Frequent news updates

Frequent content update is important for the news portal. They affect the search results in search engines as well.

Affective design Of An Online News Portal Website

Except for the contents, it is also important the website is attractive and stylish. This helps to pull the audience.


News portal development is a work of creativity too. One should know the audience and design the page accordingly. Every successful news portals have a beautiful and impressive style.

Color scheme

Readability is the most important feature. Most news portal websites use dark text on a white background or contrast. Even a few provide the user to define the colors as per their interest.

Advertisement column

Integrating advertisement in the right part of the design is crucial for the financial benefits of the news portal. The page should display ads without turning readers away from the website. The adequate positions for the ads are sidebar, both left, and right, header, or footer.


News portal websites commonly use grid-based designs. This benefit not only because of the sharp and impressive look, but also it is one of the most effective ways to manage and organize a large amount of content.

“Illuminate the reader virtually.”

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