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8 Must-Have Important Features for a School Website

Schools play a major role in the lives of students. It is basically the second home of children. It builds discipline, knowledge, wisdom and nurtures the students strongly. Nowadays, there are many schools being built and there is a wide competition on which school is the best and teaches the best. But, there should be some point where your school must standout of all and show the parents that joining their children in your school is the right choice. Parents can’t be roaming school to school trying to choose what is best; instead you can take the parents to your school digitally. Confused? How about having a website for your school that feeds information to the parents about your school? Read to know more!

Objectives of a School Website

There are few objectives on why building a school website is the right option.

  1. The main objective of having a school website is that you can provide content that is engaging and current information/ status of your school.
  2. Target the parents who are in need of joining their children in a school that provides the best facilities to a child.
  3. To recruit quality staff to teach in your school by showing the uniqueness of your school.
  4. To virtually show how attractive your school campus is and how your students can be benefited from it.

Benefits of A School Website

Show what the school aims for

Explain what your school is aiming for.

For example, if your aim is to help the students achieve their potential, and have an excellent academic performance that helps them in the future, you can provide the express on the website. This creates trust among parents who are checking out many other schools.

Show why your school is unique

Do you have a huge campus, wide play area, auditorium, and a big ground? Do you provide extra co-curricular activities? Do you focus on more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge? You can show why your school is unique and what is unique in it. Most importantly, you can show why your school standouts of all.

Improve the brand image of your school

Having an interactive website improves the brand image of your school by providing the right information to your target audience.

Enhances Communication

It builds a strong communication between you and the target audience (i.e., parents). You will be able to understand what parents expect in a school and whether you are providing it or not.

There are certain features that are necessary when having a school website. Here are some to build a strong website and have more advantage out of it.

8 most important features that are necessary for a school website!

Learning Resource

You can add a resource section where all learning materials such as study notes, video courses on subjects, power point presentations are provided for students as well as faculties. It is an advantage for students as they can access the materials when they have missed any of the sessions.


You can add a news section to inform important things to parents. You can share many successful stories of your students and faculties. You can notify them when there is an event happening or when a holiday is declared. This feature is one of the most important ways to keep parents and students updated.


Have an amazing campus and infrastructures? Post pictures of it in the website. People will get to know how your campus looks without coming to your school. Google Maps has a 360 degree view and just like that you can have a 360 degree view of your infrastructure in the website. This can make people virtually see your campus.


People post queries when they want to know something regarding the school. For this, you need to have forms in your website where people can post questions and you can answer them personally. This builds a strong communication and trust.

Location and Contact Details

When people hear about your school, they search in Google and the nest thing is your location. They will want to know how far/ close is your school from their place. You should provide your location and contact details just in case they want to communicate with you.


You should consider posting students’ timetable in the website. This is a main requirement for any school website. It helps students to check on any subjects they need to prepare because writing in a diary has gone long ago. People use everything digitally nowadays.


This is a must-have feature on a school website. It helps parents and students know about the admission process, the dates, and how to approach it. Providing the right guidelines for the prospects is much more important.

Policy and Complaints

Lastly, the school’s policy should appear in the school website. There should be a complaint area where parents can feel free to post complaints regarding any issue. This will let them know how concerned you are about the students’ future.

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