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Why small businesses need social media?

Are you planning to spread awareness about your small venture? Do you want your brand to reach out to prospective customers? Considering that more than 3 billion people nowadays use social media across the globe, social media can prove to be a great marketing strategy. Every business, either small or big, should have a social media presence. If your leads do not meet your expectations, digital marketing can be a good start over for your business. You don’t need millions of followers all at once. All you need to build is a good customer service relationship with your customers.

Do you want to grow your business, but don’t have a high budget and workforce as leading enterprises do? Here’s a piece of good news for you. You don’t need a high budget for scaling your business on social media. All you need is proper analysis of your social activities. Indeed, in a case study, it was found that “A significant 68% of marketers analyze their social media activities”.

Thus, it’s necessary to analyze your social media activities to get an insight into whether your strategy is working or you need to build another. Using digital media for increasing brand awareness and leads can have several advantages. Another case study on whether digital marketing is beneficial, suggests that significant 90% of marketers say that social media is essential to their businesses.

Benefits of social media marketing for small businesses

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Cost of advertising on social media is far more less than traditional advertisements. Posting engaging content on social media is free and can become a good avenue to reach out to your current and prospective audience.

Brand promotions and sales updates

Through social media ads, you can promote your products and services. Moreover, you can also provide updates about upcoming sales, offers or events etc.

Increased customer satisfaction

As social media allows you to interact with your followers, your costumers now have a platform through which they can get their queries solved. With an increased number of satisfied customers, your company’s reputation also increases. Moreover, there are possibilities that happy customers will inform more people about your brand. Furthermore, it gives a positive impression of your brand due to its humanization factor. Above all, it also increases the credibility of your brand.

Improved search engine rankings

With good quality and engaging content on social media platforms like blog posts, images, product descriptions, images, sales offers, ads, etc., offers increased awareness about your business. Moreover, a large number of people are more likely to be directed to the company’s website, improving its search engine ratings.

Generate leads

Lead generation is a crucial benefit of digital marketing for small businesses. Many social media networks offer a variety of formats that are specifically designed for improving the company’s leads.

Types of social media marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users monthly, which accounts for a quarter of world’s population. Thus, Facebook marketing is a great strategy that excels at lead generation. There are various types of content for advertisement like E-books, Coupons, limited time offers, giveaways, free shipping etc.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram hosts around 500 million active users monthly. The audience engagement rates on Instagram is 58% more than Facebook and around 2000% higher than that of Twitter. This makes it one of the most preferred platforms for online marketing.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter now has 328 million active users, monthly which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms. Most E-commerce stores are now using Twitter ads to promote their products and services.

Pinterest Marketing

It is one of the most versatile, easy to use and affordable marketing tools. It not only generate leads and increases brand awareness but also drives traffic to company website. Moreover, users on Pinterest show more interest in purchase than any other users on other social media platforms. It has more than 322 active users monthly. Furthermore, nearly 55% of pinners come to this platform in search of products. Also, 83% of overall weekly users make purchases on basis of ads of different brands they see on Pinterest.

Snapchat Marketing

With a number of users on the surge, Snapchat is now increasingly used for brand promotions. Snapchat now has more than 190 million active users daily, and around 10 billion people viewing videos on Snapchat. Moreover, 18% of social media users also use Snapchat. Furthermore, 78% of people in the age group 18-24 years use Snapchat. Also, more than 76% of all Snapchat users are active online shoppers. Thus, Snapchat now serves as yet another excellent platform for social promotion of various brands.

Simple social media marketing tips for small business

  • Start with a plan and set short term achievable goals. Like any other business strategy, social media marketing can only work if you have well-defined goals. Moreover, well-defined plans can also help you analyze your business progress.
  • Choose the right platform for yourself. Find out where your target audience spend most of their time online. To utilize social tools effectively, you need to have a good understanding of social platforms. So make sure to conduct some research to figure out which platform is right for your business.
  • Approach social media influences. Yes, influencer marketing is the best way to improve brand awareness. Moreover, micro-influencers are affordable and flexible, as well. Your business can considerably benefit from the huge fan following of influencers.
  • Be interactive with your followers by replying to their queries and engage with your followers by responding to their compliments or feedback. This not only improves the credibility of your brand but also builds the trust of people on your brand.

Today, every business needs social media to grow and prosper. If you also want to grow your business and increase its awareness, social media is the best way to do that. Grow and build your business with The Digital Mind, as here we offer complete digital marketing solutions to help you grow and expand your business online. We also provide services to small business-like websites, Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, and all other digital platforms. https://bedigitalmind.com/services/social-media-marketing-in-abohar/