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Neev Mahotsav

Social Media Marketing
We ran a Facebook contest for farmers in the Haryana area (called Neev Mahotsav) that required them to answer a question for a chance to win a silver coin, and the response was very positive. The campaign's success—measured by the number of entries received—was so encouraging that we decided to launch other, similar initiatives.
Neev Seeds

The agricultural market has unique challenges when trying to collect quality leads at a reasonable cost due to the wide variety of target consumers. One of our clients, Neev Seeds, has the same issue as the other 100 seed brands in the country. We devised the "Neev Mahatsav" marketing campaign to ask farmers a straightforward inquiry in exchange for the chance to win a silver coin.

We intended to execute a Facebook ad campaign utilizing the aforementioned content and the Facebook "Instant Form" tool to collect information from farmers. After a farmer clicks on the ad, he or she will be directed to Facebook's lead form, where we will ask a simple question to identify genuine farmers. Then, when we use the Facebook tool to get leads from farmers' auto-filled information, we get leads through Facebook.

We generated over 1,500 leads in just a few days, and did it at a cost that was approximately half that of our other marketing funnels.