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Festive Fusion 2022

Social Media Marketing
The fashion brand "Scottons" was known for its western wear, but it also wanted to branch out into ethnic wear that appeals to youth during the festive season. We came up with an idea for social media marketing, so we launched a campaign called "Festival Fusion '22" before Diwali. This campaign narrates the story how a brand crafted a solution from the fusion of two different worlds of fashion (western and indian).
As Scottons used to promote western wear, we are connected on social media with the urban young crowd. A sudden change in the collection could be confusing, so our graphic designer and creative visualizer tried to show ethnic wear by using organic muted colors with a modern 3D paper-art style that stands out while also keeping the page’s aesthetics.

With the help of early sales data, we figured out that the new style ethnic jackets for women could be our hero product for the season. Our whole team planned to extend the campaign for the jackets, highlighting their USPs with a unique Instagram feed look.